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Not sure if you want to hire a cleaning company or that our services are right for you?

Is cleaning taking away from the family? We live in a society where dual incomes have become a must and cleaning takes away from family activities. Don't waste your precious time scrubbing floors, let us do the work for you. After all, the time spent with family is priceless and can never be recovered. 

Have an elderly relative or have medical issues that make it difficult to keep up with your housework? Let us do the dirty work for you. We're always happy to help create ease of mind for our customers and their family members.

On the go often or just not a fan of household chores? That's ok too, cleaning isn't for everyone. It's a daunting and tedious task that we just happen to enjoy. Help us continue our hobby while freeing up time for you. 


DM Cleaning Company offers many different plans for residential cleaning that make it easy to accomodate each household. If you have a particular project that needs a more customized plan, give us a call and we'll create a plan specific to your cleaning needs. 

*Commercial services are available, call for details